Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just another night out for dinner

Went out for dinner again tonite. This time it is John and myself. A bit unplanned, we started out to find the Bolshoi ticket booth, which we did. It was closed, however, so we redirected as we still had time and were downtown, not by the office. We had taken the metro downtown, but we walked back, up Tverskaya street. It was a lovely evening, Friday night, in a major city. People out everywhere, on the town. We stop in a trendy upscale Italian cuisine restaurant. The food is excellent and pleasing. I do miss not having water for free - I must pay for mineral water to have water. The traffic is quite busy and Tverskaya is packed with cars. The sidewalk is packed with people - girls, boys, couples, parties, and a few drunks and beggars, but not many.

We stop for a few groceries. I buy some water and yogurt to take back. We stop for ice cream at another cafe just by the office, then head on back to our hotels.


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