Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Playing Runescape - A "normal" activity

Aleluja. A nice evening spent doing more or less normal activities. Judging from tonite, I have to say that has been a major part of my blues. I hate not having time to enjoy myself, and not being able to do things I can lose myself in. That usually means a good game of some sort, cards work. Poker is better. Computer games do the trick for a while too. I played Runescape for a few hours tonight, and found some new stuff to entertain me on the map. AND, nobody was at work to make me feel like I was at work. Everybody else went home, so I had the place to myself. Damn good, thank you very much. Y'all just go away now and leave me alone! Heha!

Graeme and Aaron were both on rs too. Good times. Graeme gave me a bunch of red and black dragon armor for my birthday, better than any real life present! And meanieweanie (Aaron) gave me a bunch of runes and some dragon hides. Woohoo!

It really was nice being able to do something "normal" for me. I have been getting more and more stressed over being in a city, in a strange city, not speaking the language, and having little or no opportunity to get the hell out of town. O, I could get out of town, but everywhere I go I am a non-native, non-speaker.


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