Sunday, May 07, 2006

Football! [SOCCER!!]

Soccer today! Chelyabinsk vs The World! Big Game! Big Show!

O man, was this ever a gas. Sometimes I wish I had my proper legs so I could do things like play soccer. Get this, I think I am the oldest guy on our team. Is that not a gas? It makes me proud to even have gotten out there and played! And I did play today, too! I let one goal in but got a couple of good blocks, as well. One particular shot whanged a good one off my leg. Sure to be black and blue tomorrow! But I was in the right place, right time.

We lost, 5-2, but we played damn well, and I think if the rest of my team plays some more, we could win one! There was some good playing out there today! Now, THIS was FUN! We had, hmm, dunno, 30 or so folks from the rest of the project out there spectating. A bunch of the female employees were doing the cheer squad thing. Good time, good time.


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