Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Shaving, electronics, and travel tip stuff

Some nitty gritty about travel to Russia - what is needed, what is not.

Batteries: you can bring em with you or buy em here. American brands are expensive here - at the level of high US pricing. The local varieties and the Asian imports are cheaper, about the level of cheap US pricing. You can find rechargeables locally too, and I have seen recharging units for AA's and AAA's. The trick to the recharging units is being able to find them. It's not like you can ask for the local Target store.

Electronics: razors and computers are often able to accomodate the higher voltage. Most other appliances are not. But, most appliances are readily available here, and reasonably priced by US standards. I have seen both adaptor plugs AND voltage converters in street side shop here. I don't know if they work, and I would still bring an adapter plug with me. You can't be shopping about on your first day in town. The voltage converter said it was good to 100 watts - not enough for a computer, but enough for most other consumer electronics - like boom boxes, hair clippers, etc.

Laundry: I've only priced shirts so far. About $2 ea, or a little on the pricey side by my standards in the US.

I'll add more to this post as I discover it.


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