Sunday, July 17, 2005

Beautiful parks, and Hincapie's Tour

Well I spent all day on the phone, going to the markets, and walking in a park. The park is beautiful, on the Moscow river. Has some old brick edifice being restored. Don't know what it was, looked like 19th century, palatial. Lots of vendors with tchotchkes in the park. Food vendors, people picnicing, having a beer, couples smooching, babushkas enjoying the sun and the park benches. It is hot out - close to 30 C, and somewhat humid. My feet are really dogged by the time my day is done.

I missed Hincapie's day on tv. Too bad, it really sounded like an exciting day, but there was too much to do, and I can't do it all. Once again, Lance put time on the big rivals, including Rasmussen. So Rasmussen will do the Virenque thing - take the polka-dot jersey.

Lance put the exclamation point on it now!

Well, tomorrow is a harder Tour stage, but everything is over except the fat lady singin'. T-mobile got down to the last of today's stage, a couple of major climbs, with 3 guys in front and just Lance. And, they couldn't, or didn't, do it. I think they really could have used a bit better teamwork, as Ullrich just hasn't been taking advantage of Vinokouritz when he could. Instead he pulls Lance up to Vino. "What's up with that?" Phshew. So Lance puts the exclamation point on the tour. He didn't win the stage, but he hammered the big rivals but good. He put a little more time on everybody, including Rasmussen - who was close enough to be a wild card threat in the mountains. So, barring a major accident, or a completely out of character bonk for Lance, this should be it. I don't see anywhere that another rider can take back enough time to be in the running for number 1.