Monday, January 16, 2006

Chu chut kholodna!, Or, A Little Cold

I go walking tonight. It has finally gotten truly cold - minus 25 or 30 centigrade, which is about -15 to -22 F. Yahoo weather is saying that it is currently -35 in Kurgan, and -37 Chelyabinsk. This is about -30 to -36. At -40 the scales cross each other. Anyway, I put on almost all my winter clothes, and walked to Chumlyak. I was wearing my wool cycling tights for long johns. They work great still.

It wasn't bad at all. I had to unzip my coat on the way back to vent because I was overheating. I forgot to bring my scarf, and so my cheeks and nose were exposed, and they got cold, but no damage was done. It is getting close to temperatures where exposed skin can be in danger of frostbite just from exposure. If it had been windy, that would have been a very real possibility. So there ya go, a down winter coat, nice and thick, a very nice fox hat in the Russian style, with earflaps, woolen mittens with Thinsulate, woolen tights under regular chinos, and a wool sweater over a t-shirt. Plenty warm. I did have chopper mitten shells for the woolen mitts, too. Elkhide these are, I couldn't get buckskin. I had to take off the choppers on the way back, and unzip the coat to vent and stay cool enough not to sweat.

When I got to the store, my glasses frosted. They usually fog on coming in, but tonight they just froze right up! The stars were out and quite pretty, but the clouds are coming up. It is supposed to snow a little tonight.